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Megado computer dobby 2.0

 In the coming weeks, the new controller for our Megado dobby loom will be presented at the TNNA Needlearts Summer Trade Show in Columbus, Ohio and the Midwest Weavers Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana. We would like to inform you about this revolutionary product. 

The new generation of computer dobby for the Megado looms combines the benefits of mechanical dobby with that of the electronic interface and more.


The Megado computer dobby 2.0 comes with a small touchscreen computer and secure internet connection. Connect your own device (smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC with Wifi) to the simple and user-friendly Louët weaving portal and you are good to go:

  • Through Wifi or USB stick, you can open any existing pattern in wif-format in the portal. Of course, you can also open the patterns you have made using your own weaving software, provided that this software supports wif-files.
  • In the portal you can also directly design your pattern. This works almost the same way as programming a mechanical dobby: a filled box corresponds to a shaft tie-on.

The pattern can always be easily customized and saved. You can add a tabby, for instance for a summer / winter fabric, by pressing a button.

It is also possible to connect your laptop or computer directly to the Megado computer dobby 2.0 and then control it with weaving software programs that support our looms. It will work the same way as with the old generation interfaces.

The advantage of the Louët weaving portal is that, with your permission, we can look in from a distance and update the software. Changes in operating systems will no longer trouble you and any improvements and additions to our portal can be made from a distance.

computerdobby2   computerdobbysoftware

In addition to the new software, the hardware has also improved. Some of these improvements are also implemented for the Octado and Magic Dobby interfaces, namely:

  • power supply suitable for all voltages and frequencies by automatic selection;
  • 40% less power consumption by the solenoids due to a built-in delay you won’t even notice;
  • less noise due to a temperature controlled fan.

A hardware change made only for the Megado computer dobby 2.0 is the external power supply, making the new wooden dobby box more compact. There is also less need for cooling, so the fan will be more quiet.

In the coming months, several weavers will be asked to test the computer dobby 2.0 for us. After eliminating any remaining bugs and implementing requested improvements in the software, we expect the first computer to deliver dobby's at the end of 2017 / early 2018.

The European introductory prices will be the same as the current Megado electronic interfaces:
Megado computer dobby 2.0 - 16 shafts - € 3200 incl. VAT
Megado computer dobby 2.0 - 32 shafts - € 4180 incl. VAT