Louët BV was officially launched on 1st October 1974 by Jan Louët Feisser and Clemens Claessen. Jan had started to market the revolutionary S10 Spinning Wheel the previous year, and after a period of initial development, early sales were so encouraging that he decided to give up his job and invite his friend and fellow former industrial design student Clemens to join him in starting the business.

A workshop was set up in the old chicken shed at Jan's parents' home, just outside Hengelo in the province of Overijssel, and the S10 quickly became a success. As Jan says, it was largely due to being in the right place at the right time - and with the right product. The rapid growth of spinning as a hobby was perhaps greater in the Netherlands than anywhere else in the world, and the S10 was just right for the market at the time. Many new spinners were attracted to the hobby by the remarkable user-friendly design and easily understood operation of the S10, and orders were soon flowing in.

At first, friends and relatives gave an extra hand in the production and despatch so that orders could be delivered on time. Then space ran out in the chicken shed, and the double garage built as additional manufacturing space only offered a temporary solution. It was inevitable that larger premises were needed, to provide both living accommodation and production space. So in Spring 1976, as funds were by now available due to the early success of the enterprise, a suitable farmhouse and barn in Laren in the province of Gelderland was purchased. This was renovated to provide residences for both Jan and Clemens and there was more than double the manufacturing space in the barn there than they had previously.

As the scope and scale of production continued to develop, with different products being produced and a growing export market, more people were needed to keep the enterprise going. Jan took advice from his former boss, who visited the factory to assess the progress they had made, and to consider future development of the business. His advice to Jan was: 'You are much better at development than management. You should concentrate on your best abilities. Particularly when you are expanding, you will need someone really able and reliable to take care of the day to day management of the business.

This advice was taken to heart and Theo Vervoorn was tracked down to Clemens's former employer and brought in as Manager. Today, Theo is still part of the three man management team and manages the run- of-the-mill operation at Louët.

Eventually the business again outgrew its premises, so Clemens devised a plan to build new premises in the industrial area 'Kwinkweerd' in Lochem in Gelderland. In 1979, after a festive opening, production started at Kwinkweerd 139. This site, with some extensions, still provides adequate production space for the business.

As many people did both spinning and weaving, Louët's customers found that there was a demand for both kinds of product. Over the years, Louët's team of designers have also developed a wide selection of looms - firstly the Table Loom W70, later succeeded by the Kombo. These have proved highly successful both in the home and overseas markets.