New version S17 wheel

Our affordable spinning wheel, the S17, is technically equivalent to the original Louët spinning wheel, the S10. It was developed as a kit where the customer had to do almost the entire assembly. The edges of the wooden parts needed to be a little rounded with a piece of sandpaper.
Since Fall 2010 the S17 is sold in a new version. It will no longer be a kit, but will come partially assembled. Comparable to our other classic wheels, the final assembly will be quick and easy. The bobbins are already assembled and the wood is sanded and the edges are rounded. The wheel will only require a finishing with lacquer, stain or wax.

Since the backpost on the new wheel will be 32 mm thick, the S17 skeinwinder will not fit the new version. However, our stand-alone skeinwinder will be available as an alternative.