Jan Zandbelt: third time in a row spinning champion!

“It all started when I was very young”, says Jan Zandbelt about his spinning past. “Our family had a farm and during the war people came to us  from the city looking for milk and food. Sometimes they asked for wool, because they knew we had sheep. A carpenter from Deventer wanted to give us a spinning-wheel in return. He made one especially for us and on that spinning-wheel I learned how to do it.”

Nowadays Jan spins on a Louët S11 Julia. He gets his spinning-wheel out at every possible moment, whether he is travelling, or sitting in the dentists waiting room. He makes it look easy, the way he effortlessly handles the machine, but spinning is technique, feeling, concentration and the right spinning wheel. “And you need patience”, his wife adds, “and determination.” Zandbelt has all these qualities. Excactly what brought him the three time victory on the world championship. From 10 grams of wool, he spun a thread of over a thousand meters. Twisted, because the thread would otherwise be to fragile.

Foto: Rini Boon.