S10 Concept

The introductional offer of 10% discount on the new S10 Concept wheel is available until July 1st 2015!

To celebrate our fourtieth anniversary, we have transformed the spinning wheel it all started with: the S10. The S10 Concept spinning wheel takes a modular approach, so you can decide what your favorite wheel configuration is.

  • Base: 1 or 2 treadles.
  • Wheel: the classic S10 wheel, the Julia wheel with three spokes or the new five-spoke wheel.
  • Mother of all: Irish or Scotch tension (bobbin- or flyer lead).
  • Various flyers: standard with hooks or sliding guides, art yarn, bulky or high speed.
  • Various bobbins: standard, high speed, high speed fat core or bulky/art yarn.
  • Twine rack, twine block and -rack, stand-alone lazy kate or none at all.

Every version of the S10 Concept wheel can be easily disassembled so it fits the optional carrying bag.
The twine rack will also be available with shorter axles, so it fits nice with the Scotch tension bobbins.
The improved stand-alone lazy kate with long 6 mm axles is suitable for all bobbins: i twill fit four standard/high speed bobbins or three bulky/art yarn bobbins.

Afterwards you can always adapt the S10 Concept wheel by buying different components. Of course you can change from single to double treadle (or vice versa) or change the design of your wheel. But you can also change from Irish to Scotch tension and vice versa. So if you like to spin with Scotch tension and twine with Irish tension, you will only need to exchange the mother of all with flyer and bobbin!
The new S10 Concept wheel makes everything possible. Of course you can also choose the configuration of our classic S10, S10DT and S11 (Julia) wheels.

Don’t reinvent the wheel, make it your own!