S10 Concept "Fully loaded"


You can assemble your own perfect S10 Concept spinning wheel. In case it is difficult for you to choose, we have made a complete package deal:

  • Double treadle base
  • Five spoke wheel
  • Irish and Scotch tension mother of all (bobbin- or flyer lead)
  • Art yarn flyer with 3 bulky bobbins (spinning ratio's 1:4, 1:5 and 1:6)
  • Irish tension flyer with sliding guides and 3 Irish tension bobbins (spinning ratio's 1:5.5, 1:7.5 and 1:10.5)
  • Scotch tension flyer with sliding guides and 3 Scotch tension bobbins (spinning ratio's 1:6, 1:8.5, 1:12.5 and 1:19)
  • Scotch tension high speed set with 3 high speed bobbins and threading hook (extra spinning ratio 1:27)
  • Stand-alone lazy kate for 4 standard/high speed bobbins or 3 bulky bobbins
  • Backpack to fit it all into

You will receive a 15% package discount on the S10 Concept “Fully loaded”.