Megado Computer Dobby 2

The Megado Computer Dobby 2 is the new control for the Louët Megado looms. It can control the loom through third-party weaving software or wireless using the built-in Dobby Webinterface software.

What’s new and improved compared to the Louet electronic interface?

  • The Computer Dobby 2 can be controlled wireless using the Dobby Webinterface on a tablet, phone, laptop or PC.
  • The Dobby Webinterface does not depend on versions of the operating system or third-party weaving software. It is built into the Computer Dobby 2 and can be updated remotely when there is a new version available.
  • The Computer Dobby 2 can also be controlled directly from third weaving software through the USB connection. That way the Computer Dobby 2 works exactly like the ‘old’ electronic interface.

Furthermore, for both the new Computer Dobby 2 and the electronic interfaces the basic noise level is very low. Less cooling is needed because the power supply is no longer integrated. Also, the fans only switch on when necessary; they no longer run continuously.

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