S10 Concept

Since its inception 40 years ago, the S10 has received many small improvements. In 2015, the spinning wheel underwent a major metamorphosis; you can now compose your favorite S10C by choosing a single or double-stepped chassis, the classic S10 wheel, the Julia wheel with three spokes or the new wheel with five spokes and Irish or Scotch tension braking. Then you choose your flight, coils and other accessories. In all its versions, the S10 Concept is easily disassembled and fits in the bag that you can order as an accessory.
Afterwards, you can always adjust the S10C by purchasing components: from single to double-pedaling (or vice versa), yet a different wheel or a different drive? Do you want to spin with Scotch tension and twine with Irish tension? Then you only have to change the head of your spinning wheel with flight and reel! The new S10C spinning wheel makes a lot possible; you can of course also put together the classic S10, the S10 DT and the S11 Julia.