Drum carder Junior


With its near 4 inch width, the Louët Junior carder is particularly suitable for carding fleeces for spinning or for small felting projects.  The narrower roller is not a disadvantage when mixing colors and/or fibers and produces batts of approximately 40 grams.
The carder is available in 46 tpi (teeth per square inch) and 72 tpi.  If you are mainly going to card coarser wool or greedy fleece, it is best to go for 46 tpi.  If you mainly carding finer fibres, the carder with 72 tpi is most suitable.  The carding cloth is made of nickel-plated steel wire on a bed of cotton and natural rubber, which gives it a long life.
The frame of the carder is made of waterproof glued birch plywood with a white HPL top layer.  The rollers are driven by a closed gear system.  As a result, the carder requires very little maintenance and this keeps fiber from getting caught up in the gears.
The carder is delivered fully assembled so you can get started right away.   Included are: instruction manual, the card booklet written by Deb Menz, cleaning brush, doffer pin and table clamps.
In carders, as a rule, the acceleration between the rollers is stated.  For the Junior carder it is 4:1.  However, more important for the effectiveness of the carder is the difference in surface speed between the large and the small roller.  To calculate this, multiply the acceleration by the ratio of the diameters of the two rollers.  For the Junior Carder, this speed ratio is 9:1.

Product codes:

KP0100: Drumcarder Junior 72 tpi
KP0102: Drumcarder Junior 46 tpi

Additional information


about 40 grams per fleece

Size fleece

about 78 x 10 cm

Speed ratio



46 or 72 teeth per square inch (tpi)


Waterproof birch plywood with white HPL top layer

Net weight

6 kg