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Louët products are known worldwide for their excellence in quality, design and workmanship. Many of our customers are happy to own more than one Louët product. We stand behind our products to the fullest extent and should you need it, we will work to ensure that you are content with your purchase through our dealer network or distributor service.

Currently we are working on improving our website. The product information wil be extended and answers are given to the most frequently asked questions. There will also be a timeline with our history and a blog where news, promotions, technical information and background messages will be published. We are continuously improving our production and products. That’s why some items may differ from the pictures or descriptions shown on this website.

You can order through one of our dealers. If you can’t find a local dealer, it is also possible to order directly from us by sending an e-mail to sales@louet.nl.

Summer shutdown 2023

We are closed for summer holidays from Friday 28 Juli to Tuesday August 22nd. Wij zijn tijdens de zomervakanti...

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45 Years of Louët

In celebration of the 45th anniversary of Louët BV, we sat down with designer and founder, Jan Louët and ask...

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In 2014 we transformed the spinning wheel it all started with: the S10. The S10 Concept spinning wheel makes it possible to customize your wheel. We trust you have ordered all the parts to make your dream wheel, but in case your dream changes in time, it will always be possible to order other parts.

Of course you can change from single to double treadle (or vice versa) or change the design of your main wheel. But you can also change from Irish to Scotch tension and vice versa. So if you like to spin with Scotch tension and ply with Irish tension, you will only need to exchange the mother of all with flyer and bobbin!