An easy-to-use, travel table-loom at a reasonable price. Erica is a compact member of the Louet family that packs in all the features you love about a full-size loom in a small, portable footprint. The Erica is perfect for people learning to weave, those wanting to upgrade from a rigid-heddle loom or those that want to have the capabilities of a high-quality travel loom. Compared to a rigid-heddle loom, it is easier to operate, the warp tension is more even, it has a large shed of 4.5 cm (1 ¾”) and you have flexibility in the number of threads per cm.

Starting as a 2-harness loom and expandable to 4 harnesses, this is a terrific loom at a reasonable price. The warped loom folds flat, so you can easily take it to class or on vacation, or fold for storage in small spaces.

The Erica is available as an unfinished and unassembled kit and comes standard with 2 shafts.   1 or 2 additional shafts can be added to make it a 3 or 4 shaft loom.It has a built in raddle, stainless steel metric reed (40/10), 200 Texsolv heddles (150 mm), Stainless steel tie on bars and cardboard warp dividers.

Additional Information

Wood Type

UnfinishedBirch plywood

Heddle length

150 mm 

Dimensions (lxwxh)

Erica 30 – 46 x 62 x 42 cm  (18”x 24 1/2” x 16 1/2”)
Erica 50 – 62 x 62 x 42 cm  (24 1/2”x 24 1/2” x 16 1/2”)
Folded 16 cm (6 1/4”)


Erica 30-2 – 3,5 kg (7.7 lb)

Erica 50-2 - 4,2 kg (10lb)

 Product Numbers

WP0160: Erica 30 cm – 2 shaft
WP0162: Erica 50 cm – 2 shaft

WA0300: 1 shaft extension set  Erica 30
WA0302: 1 shaft extension set  Erica 50

Assembly video link

Video Link