The principle of weaving is actually quite simple. A number of threads are stretched parallel to each other (the warp) and at right angles, threads are woven through them (weft).

Weaves can be made in infinite variations. In addition to variation through the effect of material, color, thread thickness and the tension on the threads during weaving, patterns can be created through variation in the groups of warp threads moved up and down.

Louët has a suitable loom for every weaver. The table looms Erica, and Jane are small, so they are handy when you don’t have a lot of floor space in your house, or if you want to take your loom with you when traveling.

David is a popular small floor loom that looks modest, but surpasses many large floor looms in functional quality. Spring and Delta have a parallel countermarch system for harness action and a moving breast beam to control the tension of the warp, which make them easy to use.

Octado and Megado also have a moving breast beam and, just like the Magic Dobby, they can be equipped with a mechanical or electronic dobby which makes it easy to weave complicated patterns.


Lisa frame loom is available in 4 sizes. The smallest one is perfect for an introduction to the World of Weaving and comes with a flat shuttle and pick- up stick. 

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Erica is our compact budget table loom with a weaving width of 30 or 50 cm (11 ¾” and 19 ¾”). It is an attractive option for a weaver that wants to explore harness weaving: a graduation loom from rigid heddle weaving. The option to expand it to 3 or 4 shafts makes it an even more attractive.

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Jane original 

The very compact Jane table loom has eight shafts, standard,  a weaving width of 40, 50 or 70 cm and folds flat for transport. The combined the best recommendations with our own years of experience, creating the perfect table loom. The cords run entirely over rollers and pulleys, so wear is minimal. The weaving area is large and the Jane has a great shed.

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David III 

 The David III is an 8 shaft floor loom with a sinking that makes a modest impression with its simple compact shape, but surpasses many a large loom in functional quality. Available in 70, 90 or 110 cm weaving width. The warp beam can be folded after which the depth of the loom is 34”

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Spring II 

Spring is a countermarche loom available in 90 cm (35 3/8″) and 110 cm (43 1/4″) weaving width. The loom can be ordered with eight or twelve harnesses. The warp beam is held by a friction brake, enabling you to advance the fabric sitting at your loom. The beater is adjustable in height. the Spring is made of lacquered beech and the design of the loom includes a built-in raddle on top of the castle and a storage shelf

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The Delta loom is a 12-thread counter loom for heavy-duty applications. The Delta is made of solid ash wood, the same as the Megado. The Delta sits higher than most looms and is great for taller weavers.

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Magic Dobby 

 The Magic Dobby (MD) has 24 shafts to weave complex patterns. The Magic Dobby is available in a weaving widths of 40 or 70 cm. The loom has a floorstand, but you can also use it as a table loom. There is a handle and a treadle to make a shed. The shed on the Magic Dobby is not as big as on the other looms. When choosing a shuttle, look for one where the ends are curved upwards. Like Louëts Flying Dutchman. The front and backbeam can be folded to make de Magic Dobby easier to transport.

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The Octado is a light version of the Megado. Its mechanical function is almost identical, however, it is made a of lighter wood frame using solid beech wood. Octado has 8 shafts only and is available with either a mechanical dobby or electronic dobby.

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The Megado is our crown jewel weaving loom, a true production loom or hobby loom to the complex weaver. It is a high end dobby loom available with electronic or mechanical dobby. The electronic dobby features our proprietary weaving software on our Dobby 2 system. The megado has been largely unchanged in over 25 years since its first introduction to the complex weaving market. A testemative to its clever and innovative design.  

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Weaving Accesories

Weaving accessories are things like warping tools, shuttles or heddles.

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Weaving spareparts

Parts for various weaving looms

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