Up until a few hundred years ago, all textiles were made from yarns that were made by hand and even without a spinning wheel. A spun thread is created by pulling fibers from a batt, causing them to lie next to each other and overlap each other. Then they are twisted around each other and that gives the yarn strength.

If you pull the fibers apart and twist them together, you can then wind the spun yarn on a bobbin. By spinning the bobbin, you bring twist to the fibers that have been pulled out of the batt. This is the principle of a spindle.

Quite an improvement compared to the dropspindle, the spinning wheel. Louët spinning wheels are first and foremost solid and well-thought-out tools. Since its inception in the early seventies, the S10 has been so successful that it can be called a classic among modern spinning wheels.

The first generation of Louët spinning wheels, such as the S10C Irish tension and the S17, works on the principle of single drive of the bobbin, adjustable braking of the flyer (Irish tension). The bobbins have three grooves which, due to their different diameter, give three gears relative to the flywheel. By using different bobbins and flyers , you can spin all types of yarn on these spinning wheels, from coarse wool to fine silk.

The new generation of Louët spinning wheels, such as the S10C Scotch tension and S95/S96 Victoria, have Scotch tension: the flyer is driven and the bobbin has an adjustable brake to control the tension. The standard ratios are higher than those of the first generation, which comes in handy when spinningfiner yarns. With the high speed spin set, the ratios becomes even greater.

S10 Concept IrT

Since its inception (more than 40 years ago), the S10 has received many small improvements. Now the spinning wheel has undergone a great metamorphosis; you can design your own S10C by choosing a single or double-treadle base and Irish or Scotch tension system. Next, you choose the look of the main wheel: the classic S10 wheel, the Julia 3 spoke wheel or the new five spoke wheel.  Finally, choose your flyer, bobbins and other accessories. 

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S95 Victoria 

The Victoria is a compact traveling wheel.  Folded it is 15 x 36 x 55 cm (6” x  14” x 21.5”)  and weighs 3,6 kg (8lb). As a result, it’s an easy wheel to take with you on the road, particularly with the padded carrying case.   The scotch tension system has sliding guides to make the spinning process easier.

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S10 Concept ScT 

The Scotch tension version of the S10C was first introduced in 2008 with the introduction of the Julia spinning wheel.   Scotch tension is well suited for finer spinning since the tension control available to the user allows for infinitesimal tension adjustments.  Louet uses an elastic for tension control.  There is an option for a cotton cord with a spring as well.

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The budget spinning wheel S17 is a full-sized spinning wheel with all the same hardware and mechanical operation of the S10.  The difference is in materials, it is almost entirely made of birch plywood. The parts are already sanded; you only need to give the S17 a finishing coat.  As of March 2024, it is also available in Double Treadle

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The Louët drop spindle is a simple device to spin wool into yarn. The standard dropspindle has a hook on the short side of the shaft; the weight is on top during spinning.

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Spinning Accesories

We have a variety of spinning accessories to help you with all your spinning needs.

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