Spinning Accessories

We have a variety of tools and accessories for your spinning needs.

IrT/Art yarn kit S95/S96 Victoria

Transforms your Victoria wheel into an Art Yarn wheel. It clamps onto the top of the Victoria’s backpost. The art Yarn head is an IrT system and uses the main Victoria drive wheel with a different drive band. Also need the Art Yarn flyer and bulky bobbin(s) to spin. 

Product number: SA0136

Carry bag S95/ S96 Victoria

Padded carrying bag for the Victoria wheel. Handles on top as well as backpack straps. Large front pouch for bobbins etc. There is a lot of extra for fiber and accesories.

Product number: SA0141

 Niddy Noddy

The niddy noddy can be assembled for two different skein sizes: 90 and 180 cm. It is made of lacquered solid beech.

Product number: SA0101

Stand Alone Skeinwinder

This standalone skeinwinder, with adjustable circumference, can be attached to a table  with the table clamp. The skeinwinder folds up for easy storage; it also makes it easier to rewind a skein of washed  wool. The circumference is adjustable from 70 to 170 cm, and the handle allows you to easily turn it.

product number: SA0100

High Speed set - ScT

The high speed spin set ScT is designed for the S10C Scotch Tension, S11 Julia and S95 Victoria spinning wheels. The set includes a high speed flyer, three high speed bobbins, a whorl for an extra spin ratio and a threading hook.

The flyer has a Ø5 mm orifice. For the S10C and the S11, the pulley adds an additional spin ratio of 1:27. For the Victoria it is 1:20, due to the smaller diameter of the main drive wheel.

product number: SA0117

Standalone lazykate rack  

This lazy kate adjusts in pitch and has a built in braking system for each bobbin. Rods can be adjusted for any Louet bobbins  You can adjust to a 3 bobbin or 4 bobbin lazy kate - just rotate the bar 180 degrees to switch between  

product number: SA0119

Lazykate block and rack

You need this block to attach the twine rack to a spinning wheel with a double-stroke frame. On a spinning wheel with single treadle undercarriage you can directly attach. Using the block and an additional twine rack, you can fit up to 4 spools. The standard twine rack (SA0122) fits into this twine block.

product number: SA0121

Threading hook ScT

This threading hook can be used to thread yarn through the yarn guides and the orifice of a flyer. On most of our flyers you can easily put your yarn through by hand, so you don't really need a threading hook.

The threading hook comes standard with a Scotch Tension high speed set, as the high speed flyer has small sliding guides and a very small orifice (Ø5 mm).

product number: SA0142

Carry bag S10C/ S11

All versions of the S10C, like the S11 Julia, are easily disassembled and then fit into this sturdy bag. The extra pocket on the front is handy for accessories. The bag can also be carried as a backpack.

To disassemble the S10C you remove the flyer, bobbins and unscrew the two star knobs. On the S11 Julia, you only need to unscrew one star knob.

product number: SA0140