​Weaving spareparts


Here are some spareparts for weaving looms. If you do not see what you are looking for, contact support

Driveband Hand Bobbin Winder

 We have 2 sizes old, before 2023 and new (large), after 2023 - make sure to specify.

Product number: WR0144

Jane Elastic cord

Replacement elastic cords for your Jane loom. 

Jane 40-8 WR0111 

Jane 50 (8 of 16) WR0108 

Jane 70 (8 of 16) WR0112 

W40/70 texsolv conversion kit 

The W40/70 is a predecessor to the Kombo and Jane looms. This kit allows one to convert from plastic heddles to texsolv heddles.

Product number: WR0117 - W40 

Product number: WR0118 - W70  

Klik/Kombo /

Jane/Erica/David l&ll/Magic dobby/Spring l pal en palwiel

Product number:  WR0109  Ratchet and pawl
Klik/Jane/Kombo/ David 1&2 /Spring l/Magic Dobby

raddle segment - 10cm 

Product number:  WR0100 - You can use these segments to make your own raddle, or replace a damaged piece on your loom.  

Klik shaft sides

Product number: WR0101: Klik shaft sides– white handle
Product number: WR0102: Klik shaft side- brown handle   

Toggle block

For our discontinued W series and Kombo loom, shaft handles remain available. You can choose between:

WR0103: W70 shaft handle
WR0104: Kombo shaft handle
WR0105: Kombo toggle block,includes 4 handles

O-ring for beam handles

Product number: WR0106 - Rubber O-ring for warp/cloth beamsfor our table looms - set of 4 - Kombo / W series / David 1 & 2 / 

Jane/Klik shaft cords

Product number: 
WR0107: Jane 50 /8  132cm
WR0113: Jane 40 /8 122cm
WR0114: Jane 70 /8 - 152cm 

warp sticks /16

Product number: 
WR0119: 40 cm 
WR0120: 70 cm (Jane/David /Magic Dobby) 
WR0148: 70 cm (Octado /Megado)
WR0121: 90 cm 
WR0122: 110 cm 
WR0123: 130 cm 

treadle tie on strip

Product number: WR0116

treadle tie on strip

Jane Star knob M6

Product number: WR0110 
To fasten the Jane loom in its upright position.  

Apron Bars /2

Product number:
WR0124: Klik/Jane/Magic   Dobby 40 
WR0125: Jane/David/Magic Dobby 70
WR0126: David/Spring/Octado 90
WR0127: Spring/Octado 110 
WR0128: Megado/Delta130 
WR0146: Megado 40 
WR0149: Octado 70 
WR0150: Megado 70
WR0153: Megado 90 
WR0155: /Megado 110

Lease sticks / 2

Product number:
WR0129: Klik/Jane/ Magic  Dobby 40 
WR0130: Jane/Magic Dobby 70 
WR0131: David 90 
WR0132: 110 
WR0133: 130 
WR0147: Megado 40 
WR0151: David 70 
WR0152: Octado/Megado 70
WR0154: Spring/Octado /Megado 90 

Driveband Warp tension regulator

Product number: WR0134 

Megado Brake cable

 Product number: WR0137

Interface Solenoid

Product number: WR0138

Megado treadle cable

Product number:
WR0139: Megado 40 
WR0140: Megado 70 
WR0141: Megado 110 
WR0142: Megado 130 
WR0143: Megado 90 

Kombo/Magic dobby shaft side

Product number: WR0156

Jane shaft side

Product number: WR0157

Dobby pegs 

Product number:
WR0159: pegs for dobby bars grey – per 50 used for connecting bars
WR0160: egs for dobby bars black– per 50 - for programming

Hollandia PU-connector

Product number: WR0161

Clips for sectional warping - per 15

Product number: WR0162

Spring PU connector- per 2 

 Product number: WR0163

W/Kombo/MD 70 metal shaft bar

Product number: WR0165

Metal beater side for Jane

Product number:WR0176

Jane shaft handle

Product number: WR0171

shaft end kit

Product number: WR0182

Jane roller replacement kit

Product number: WR0184

Octado mech dobby direction selector repair kit

Product number: WR0185 - This kit applies an update to the mechanical dobby to allow smoother operation. This modification is applied to new orders and is only required for Octado's of 2017 or older.

Hollandia/Spring blocking pin

Product number: WR0218

Delta/Megado warpbeam crank handle 

Product number: WR0219

Jane 70 schachtlatten

Product number: WR0221

Spring l RVS brake cable

Product number: WR0175 - 905 mm with screw M6x30

Hollandia roller with bearing

Product number:
WR0181 -  - set of rollers (32x 38mm / 16 x 34mm)

WR0179  ø38mm incl. bearing

 WR0180  ø34mm incl. bearing

David/Spring tension brake spring

Product number: WR0227

Jane floorstand bolt and barrel nut

Product number: WR0342