Magic Dobby


The Magic Dobby (MD) has 24 shafts to weave complex patterns. The Magic Dobby is available in a weaving widths of 40 or 70 cm. The loom has a floorstand, but you can also use it as a table loom. There is a handle and a treadle to make a shed. The shed on the Magic Dobby is not as big as on the other looms. When choosing a shuttle, look for one where the ends are curved upwards. Like Louëts Flying Dutchman. The front and backbeam can be folded to make de Magic Dobby easier to transport.

A dobby is a programmable shaft selector. Weaving on a dobby is much easier because you no longer have to worry about choosing the shaft combinations or making treadle tie-ups. 

A dobby is not a weaving machine like those used in industry. Setting up the warp and weaving is the same process as with the other handweaving looms. All the dobby does is select the shafts. You can choose between a mechanical or an electronic system.  

With the mechanical dobby you 'program' the shaft selection with pegs on program bars. These program bars form a chain that is hung on the loom. During weaving, use the square knob that sits at eye level to select the program bar you wish. When using more than 34 (MD40) or 44 (MD70) programbars, you will need a dobby weight to keep the program bar chain tensioned. This dobby weight can be ordered as an extra accessory. With complex patterns and block patterns, you will need a lot program bars. In that case, the computer dobby is a better choice.

With the electronic dobby interface, the length of the liftplan is unlimited. This is especially useful if you weave block patterns and with patterns where pattern wefts and tabby alternate. The electronic dobby interface of the Magic is connected with a USB cable to a computer with a Windows or Apple operating system. On Apple Mac computers, the internal USB to serial conversion does not support macOS Big Sur. Your Windows computer must have 3rd party weaving software with a dobby module and Louet dobby driver. You have to purchase this software yourself. Widely used are Fiberworks PCW, Weavepoint, Pixeloom, ProWeave.

The Magic Dobby is made of lacquered beech wood with standard 24 shafts in the weaving widths 40 or 70 cm. You can choose between a mechanical dobby and an electronic dobby interface. Included are: floorstand with treadle, raddle, reed 40/10 (5 dpi), Texsolv heddles (205mm): 600 (MD40) or 800 (MD70), 2 lease sticks, 2 apron sticks and 16 warping sticks.

Beware!  This is only the loom, you still need to add a dobby - either mechanical or electronic.

Additional information

Dimensions (l x w x h)

MD40: 58 x 100 x 140 cm - (22 7/8" x 39 3/8" x 55 1/8")
MD70: 88 x 100 x 140 cm  - (34 1/2" x 39 3/8" x 55 1/8")
Folded 58 cm deep (22 7/8")


MD40: 25 kg (55 lb), MD70: 33 kg (72.5 lb)

 Product Numbers

WP0117: Magic Dobby 40 – 24 shafts – without dobby
WP0120: Magic Dobby 70 – 24 shafts – without dobby