See how it is made 

Watch how the Jane loom is made

Introducing the Jane 16 shaft table loom!

Jane has been designed after consultation with weavers, at the same time using successful techniques from its predecessor, the Kombo. There is no cord wear, since cords run over rollers and the overhead beater stays out of the way when throwing the shuttle. Jane is made of lacquered beech and has a built in raddle. The loom is partly assembled and comes with:

  • a large shed
  • shuttle race
  • smooth overhead beater
  • large weaving area
  • carrying handle and protective feet to rest on
  • harnesses that snap back
  • partially assembled padded travel 
    padded travel bag .
    easy to fold 
    clean toggle action
  • apron bars, warp sticks and lease sticks
  • heddles 800/1200  (50/70)
  • metric reed 40-10

The loom is available with 8 shafts, expandable to 16 shafts or straight with 16 shafts. This is a unique feature for table looms with 16 shafts. The Jane is the most compact 8+ shaft table loom on the market that folds easily. This makes weavers even more likely to choose the Louet Jane loom. 

Jane 16 will have a shuttle race.  It will fit on the existing Jane floorstand.  2nd warpbeams for existing Jane looms will also fit the new 16 shaft Jane.

Jane 16 is available in the following sizes:

  • 50 cm (20") and
  • 70 cm (27 5/8") 
  • Jane 16 50: 67 x 87 x 65 cm / 10.5 kg - folded 21cm
  • Jane 16 70: 87 x 87 x 65 cm / 13.5 kg- folded 21cm

New Jane 16 schafts

Watch the reveal trailer for the new jane 16 shafts.