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Our products are designed for hobby crafts people for large and small project sizes.  Choose the catalog menu above to see our product catalog

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About us

Team Louët is proud to be part of a multi-generational family business. With a team of approximately 30 employees, we have been producing high-quality craft products for 50 years.

We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship, innovative products and customer service. Welcome to our website and get to know Louët products.

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High Quality Products

Quality of wood, manufacturing and finishing has become a cornerstone of the Louet brand. Each piece of wood is precision manufactured with modern equipment to very high tolerances. Many who know Louet products know that everything is made to fit perfectly – to the millimetre. Each piece of wood is inspected during assembly to ensure it meets our quality control standards.


High Quality Service

Customer service is another pillar on which Louet stands. While our policy is to answer questions and provide feedback within 24 hours, very often we are answering within a few hours, on weekends and evenings. Our philosophy is – try to help when help is needed, or as quickly as possible. Our customers are using our products in their hobby time – lets try to be there when they need us. Louët products are so well made, many are 30-40+ years old and are in great shape – a small part and its working again – we are here to help with old and new products alike.

Years of Experience

Louët has been operating in the Spinning and weaving industry for almost 50 years. Our employees collectively have over 200 years manufacturing experience. Years developing products, procedures, and methods – invaluable.

The New Jane 16 shafts

To find out more about the new jane 16 shafts head over to the launch page and sign up for the newsletter.

Jane 16 shafts

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Spinning, Weaving & Carding

Louët products are known worldwide for their high quality, innovation and ease of use. Satisfied users can be found everywhere, backed by our excellent customer service. We are proud of our products and consider it our duty to serve you to your satisfaction. As we are constantly improving our products and manufacturing methods, it is possible that there may be differences in details with the images on this site.

50 years of the highest quality 

High-quality spinning wheels and weaving looms 

High quality products

Louët's standard is a VERY high quality finish on all products with precision to the 1/10th of a mm.

50 years of experience 

Serving the spinning and weaving community for 50 years with hundreds of years of work experience in our staff.


Highly skilled craftsman producing handmade products.

Comfortable, innovative and customize-able

High quality service

Customer service and support is of the highest importance at Louet. We strive to maintain the highest level of service possible.

World wide shipping

Using or shipping partner UPS, our products are delivered around the world in 2-3 business days.

Made in Holland

We are proud to produce a product that is made in Holland!